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Name OCLC Symbol Project Begin Date Project End Date Active? Actions
Information Circular (United States. Bureau of Mines.) USBMI 2008-04-01 yes View Edit
Report of Investigations (United States. Bureau of Mines) BOMRI 2008-06-18 yes View Edit
Technical Paper (United States. Bureau of Mines) USBMN 2008-09-01 yes View Edit
MDDC (Series) [Manhattan District declassification document] MDDCS 2008-11-17 yes View Edit
ANL (AEC Series) ANLSR 2008-10-01 yes View Edit
APAE (AEC Series) 2013-07-01 yes View Edit
Research and Development Progress Report (Office of Saline Water) USOSW 2008-09-01 yes View Edit
Special Handling Items 2008-03-04 yes View Edit
NURC yes View Edit
Economic Papers (USBM) EPBOM 2009-05-26 2011-11-14 no View Edit
APDA (Atomic Power Development Associates) AZU 2011-06-01 yes View Edit
Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Technical Papers 2009-12-01 yes View Edit
Technical Papers of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service TPOFW 2012-04-02 yes View Edit
Mineral Perspectives (USBM) yes View Edit
Bibliography of Technical Reports AZU 2010-08-25 yes View Edit
U. S. Bureau of Fisheries - Investigational Report USBFI 2009-12-01 yes View Edit
Miners Circulars (USBM) MINER 2009-03-23 2011-10-18 no View Edit
National Bureau of Standards Monographs AZU 2011-01-04 yes View Edit
NBS Monographs 2010-06-01 no View Edit
NACA Aircraft Circulars (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) 2012-03-05 yes View Edit
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